It all started when...

in 1991, Bo Jik Vegetarian Restaurant, the first of its kind, was established on West Broadway, Vancouver. I went on to start Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant in Richmond the following year. Three years later, in 1995, the second Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant was born, this time located on Main Street, also in Vancouver. 

Riding on the wave of success, I decided to go back to Hong Kong to start a third one in 1998. It was strategically located in the heart of Hong Kong island....the Times Square in Causeway Bay. 

Even before I ventured out on my own, I've already had extensive experience in running a restaurant. When I took the first step outside the comfort zone, it was destined that I would not look back. I took charge of naming and structuring the company, selecting shareholders, scouting for locations, signing leasehold agreements, designing menus, hiring and training of staff, etc.

My management style ensures fair treatment to all shareholders and staff, establishes a positive work culture, provides a comfortable environment for guests to enjoy, and, ultimately, raises awareness of the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

As the founder of Bo Jik and Bo Kong, I am very grateful for the unwavering support of Michael Yeung (far right in the picture above). We worked alongside each other since the inception of the first restaurant, and it's a blessing that he is just as committed now as ever to making the current Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant a success. 

Looking forward, I wish to start this new chapter with a renewed sense of mission, a mission to promote a healthy and responsible diet, and most of all, a diet that causes no harm and pain to any living beings that have the capacity for suffering, enjoyment, and happiness as much as we do. 

Ken Chau

Owner/ Operator